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The Notes You Are Searching For Isn’t Available At This Moment

If you have the notes for this chapter, we would really appreciate it if you could share the PDF with us. Your contribution would not only benefit us but also help others looking for these notes. Rest assured, we will give proper credit to the person who shares the notes. Your help will make a difference, and together, we can support a community of learners.

Thank you in advance for your valuable assistance!

Things To Know Before Sending Notes

  • Contact us before sending the notes.
  • Notes should be scanned by camscammer and should be in PDF format
  • Notes should be arranged in sequential order.
  • Images should be of high quality.
  • Incomplete notes, notes containing low quality images are not accepted.
  • Name of the sender should be mentioned so that we can provide proper credits.
  • Once the notes are published. You can’t ask us to unpublished it.

How To Submit Notes?

Submitting Notes to Webnotee is super easy. You can follow the simple steps given below to submit your notes to Webnotee. Make sure to follow each and every steps show that your notes won’t get rejected.

  • Click Notes Photo

    Notes photo

    Before you submit your notes to webnotee. You have to click proper photo of your note copy. You can use your smartphone camera to click the photo. Make sure that all the photos you click are super clear and of high quality.

  • Scan the image


    After you have clicked all the photo of the solved exercises from your note copy. You need to scan that image so that it will be crystal clear. You can use Camscanner to scan the clicked photo.

    If you are using Android phone then you can use Camscanner mod apk to remove watermark.

  • Save the PDF

    Export PDF

    After you have scanned the images using camscanner, you can save that PDF giving a proper name according the chapter name.

  • Send Notes

    Send us

    After you have exported the notes PDF. You are ready to send us the notes. You can click on ‘Submit Notes’ button given above or directly mail us on [email protected].

What Now?

After you send us your notes PDF. We’ll review the notes and confirm that it aligns to our guidelines mentioned above. Once your notes is approved. We’ll let you know through email.

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